Red Dove Consultants

Software development experts.

Website Development

We can help with the development of modern-looking, responsive, dynamic websites which use web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to best effect.

You can use the web applications we develop to reach a wide audience - whether it is your customers anywhere in the world, or users internal to your company on an intranet site.

Your websites can be hosted on your own premises, or in the cloud using platforms such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Mobile Application Development

We can develop mobile apps capable of running on Android or Apple phones and tablets, using data stored on the devices or accessed via a central server which holds the data and centralised functions. We can develop both fully-native apps which make the most of the host platform, or web-based apps that use a thin app wrapper over a web-based front-end.

Desktop Application Development

Desktop applications – running directly on users’ computers, rather than in a browser – are increasingly rare these days. However, there are times when they are the appropriate solution. In such scenarios, we can develop applications which run natively on Windows, OS X or Linux, including the provision of executable installers to make things easy for end users. We also develop cross-platform applications which run on one or more of these platforms from a single code base.

Quality Reviews

Sometimes, our clients have had software developed by a third party, where the deliverables fail to meet functional or security requirements. In such cases, we can provide a quality review service where we analyse the third party deliverables and provide comprehensive reports covering design, implementation and security issues. We can suggest parameters to set with the third party supplier to minimise the likelihood of problems, or even work with our client and the third party to improve communication and other processes with a view to improving the quality of future deliverables.

Our quality reviews cover all our areas of expertise.

Application Maintenance

Sometimes, our clients have legacy applications built on old platforms where staff with knowledge of those platforms can’t be recruited or retained, or where full-time staff are unwilling to work on such applications. In such cases, we have often been able to assist our clients with maintenance work on such applications, updating them to adapt to changing business needs. This service applies to any type of application - web, desktop or mobile.