Red Dove Consultants

Software development experts.


Our platform expertise covers the mainstream computing platforms in use today.

  • Windows – we develop applications for Windows client and server environments.

  • POSIX – we develop applications on Linux and OS X platforms.

  • Android – we develop apps on Android phones.

  • Java – we develop applications for the Java virtual machine. Such applications can be designed to run across different OS platforms. In addition to “traditional” J2EE frameworks, we are well-versed in the usage of newer approaches such as those based on the Spring framework.

  • .NET – we develop applications on the Microsoft CLR platform, including web applications on top of ASP.NET. With the advent of .NET Core, .NET applications can be developed to run across different OS platforms.

  • Python – We deliver applications based on the Python language and ecosystem, including popular Python web frameworks such as Django.

  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript – as well as the back-end platforms described above, we are very experienced in all aspects of browser-based front-ends - using HTML, CSS and JavaScript effectively.

  • Embedded / Real-time – we develop applications in resource-constrained environments which are “close to the metal”.

  • Cloud – we have experience of deploying applications on cloud platforms such as AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Data Analysis and Visualisation

We have strong mathematical and problem-solving skills which we have used to good effect across many industries. We use the highly-regarded ecosystem for numerical and scientific analysis which exists around the Python language – for example, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, the Qt framework for desktop visualisation and JavaScript libraries such as D3 for browser-based visualisation needs.

Relational Databases

As well as the relational databases commonly used in corporate environments, we also have experience with databases which are used in Open Source environments to deliver applications over the Internet.

  • Oracle – including PL/SQL and Pro*C/C++

  • SQL Server – including T-SQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL

Programming Languages

We develop applications in the commonest programming languages in use today.

  • Java

  • C#

  • Python

  • JavaScript

  • C / C++

  • Kotlin

  • Go

  • Rust

  • Object Pascal / Delphi

  • D

In addition to an excellent understanding of the languages, we are also conversant with the library/package ecosystems that accompany these languages, allowing us to make efficient use of them.

Collaborative Systems

  • Microsoft Exchange/Outlook – We have experience of developing applications and tools on this platform, including usage of the Exchange Web Services Managed API.

  • Microsoft Office – we have experience of integrating the functionality of Word, Excel and other Office programs into enterprise solutions.

  • IBM Notes / Domino – we have developed many workflow applications on this venerable platform, which is nowadays regarded as legacy but still has a few adherents.

Networking and Protocols

We have a good understanding of standard networking and other communication protocols, and of writing device drivers for various hardware devices (including customers’ own custom hardware).

Techniques and Tools

We are very familiar with lexical analysis and parsing technologies, including lex/yacc and variants thereof. These techniques have been used in writing custom interpreters, compilers and source-level debuggers.